Semi Mount Silver ring settings for men`s and women`s.

Base settings ring sterling silver or gold for a cut stone or cabochon.
Order a ready-made base ring of silver for your faceted stone or cabochon is much easier and faster, and cheaper than to master the nearby jewelry shops, the bulk of which can only solder and clean in most cases.

First, jewelry design. Only people who have a comprehensive knowledge of all stages of production of jewelry are able to develop a design, taking into brain¬† all possible problems and difficulties in the process of bringing jewelry to life. In fact, it is not difficult, but the bulk of the “jewelers” lives in the clouds.

A note on 3D modeling and jewelry design.

In recent years, there have been many proposals for the development of 3D models of jewelry. And most of these models are created by people who are far from the concepts of grinding and polishing jewelry. Ring in the picture will look perfectly smooth and organic, which raises its price. But in fact, grinding and polishing the places created by the inflamed mind of the young creature on the keyboard, in life will look either very sad or very long in time, which is impractical to raise the price of the product, because of the insane work hours of the jeweler.

Our jewelry pictures is live, photoshop is not smeared. We have nothing to hide, we do everything at the highest level. And though labor costs for grinding and polishing takes a lot, we still maintain adequate prices. And adequate goldsmith cost for custom order.

Adequate prices for custom ring

In small towns, 3D modeling is not available and local jewelers or cut in wax model seals or rings by hand (which is exclusive and expensive), or buy a ready-made plaster mold (flask) and cast in it (which is cheap). However, 90% of the flasks presented for sale in shops for jewelers are of Chinese origin and the actual design there is no. About the same as in chain jewelry stores. I mean, cheap and mean. Agree, it makes no sense to order a gold ring that you can buy in the store.
The second important factor is jewelry inserts. Precious and semi-precious stones, as well as ornamental minerals. In this aspect, jewelers are even more limited.

Where to order a signet of silver or gold, not mass design, and even with beautiful rubies, sapphires, tanzanites, tourmalines?

There are only a few places in the world where retailers and wholesalers of precious stones from all over the world are concentrated. Where is the advanced equipment for jewelry design. Equipment for engraving on minerals and metals. Equipment for platinum, gold and rhodium plating. Incidentally rhodium, more expensive gold in 8 times. They usually cover items of silver, so silver is not blackened from moisture and oxygen.
Bangkok. Thailand. There are offices of hundreds of foreign companies selling sapphires, rubies, opals, tourmaline, zircon and many, many other stones, including diamonds. Hundreds of jewelry factories in the vicinity work for America, Australia and Europe.
Bangkok is an ideal place to order jewelry made of silver or gold. Huge selection of precious stones of different shapes and colors.

We are located in Bangkok. We ship products all over the world. Any questions? – write through the contact form, happy to answer!

Sincerely, Semi Mount

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